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City Tour Granada

Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, surrounded by an archipelago of 365 small islands, an extinct volcano and the coast of Lake Cocibolca and rich colonial architecture, makes Granada the most visited place in the country.On the tour we will visit the most important places such as La Merced bell tower for nice views of the city, The San Francisco Pre-Columbian museum, the local market and the historic center. A city tour will give you a full understanding of the history that also involves the presence of pirates.Tour includes the following:- Entrance fees to the mentioned places.- English speaking guide.


Tours Isletas

Las Isletas is an archipelago of 365 small islands created be volcanic activity many years ago by the Mombacho Volcano.

As we go you will be able to learn about the lifestyle of the locals, the flora and the fauna.

We make a stop at a local island where you have the opportunity to swim either on a pool or right on the lake.

Tour includes the following:
- Boat tour- English speaking guide.
- Visit to monkey island
- Visit to a local island to spend some time.


Volcano Night Tour

The Masaya Volcano National Park is composed of 2 volcanoes and 5 craters, different eruptions have taken place throughout the years and because of its recent activity it is allowing visitors to peek inside of the active crater for an amazing view of the boiling Lava.
The tour leaves Granada at 5:00pm and when it reaches the volcano there a waiting period of about an hour to enter the volcano and see the lava but it is all worth it once you see this magnificent show.Tour includes the following:- Private transportation from your hotel in Granada and back.- Entrance fee to the Masaya Volcano.


Apoyo Lagoon

Laguna de Apoyo is one of the nicest places in the area of Masaya & Granada, This place with its clean and calm waters was once a volcano and after the explosion thousands of years ago it has turned in one of the favorited destinations of tourists.

On this day pass you will go to one of the local places where you will have access to the premises and have access to kayaks and paddle boards or you can just sit, relax and enjoy.Tour includes the following:- Private transportation from your hotel in Granada and back.- Day pass at a local place where you have unlimited kayaking and paddle boarding.


Mombacho Volcano

The Mombacho Volcano is one of the two cloud forests found in Nicaragua. We depart from Granada for a short drive, upon arrival we switch vehicles to a truck that brings us uphill, once at the top we do the Crater Trail, a 1.5 km that will allows us to see the flora and fauna, such as bromeliads, heliconias, orchids, howler monkeys, Sloths and red eyed frogs. Walking through the trail will also allow us to enjoy of magnificent views of Granada, Las Isletas and Lake Nicaragua.
Tour includes the following:
- Private transportation to and from your hotel in Granada
- English speaking guide
- Entrance fee to the reserve.


Canopy Tours

The Mombacho Volcano is one of Nicaragua┬┤s cloud forests. Located at the foot of the volcano is where we go for this adventure, the tour consists of a 2 km range, 17 platforms, 11 double lines and 3 hanging bridges, which allows preform stunts created by the staff for clients.

Some of the acrobatics are: Superman, monkey, Tarzan or the butterfly. Come and enjoy this adrenaline rush with Abdalah Tours.
Tour includes the following:
- Private transportation from your hotel in Granada and back.
- Canopy Tours service including English speaking instructor.



Kayaking is one of the activities that allows to you to 2 things at once.

First you get to exercise your body by rowing in the waters of Lake Nicaragua and second it allows you to get closer to islands where you will have the opportunity experience a closer encounter with nature such as monkeys and birds.

Tour includes the following:

- Private transportation to and from the port in Granada
- English speaking instructor
- Rent of kayaks.


Ometepe Island

Ometepe is the biggest island on Lake Nicaragua, composed by 2 volcanoes in the shape of an irregular eight. The Maderas Volcano and Concepcion Volcano are the hosts to the island of eternal summer.On this trip we visit the most important places, such as the Charco Verde Nature Reserve, the Ojo de Agua natural spring water pools and the El Ceibo Pre-Columbian museum.
Tour includes the following:
- Private transportation to and from San Jorge
- English speaking guide.
- Ferries in and out of the island.
- Private transportation on the island.
- Entrance fee to the mentioned places.


Tours and Activities

Nicaragua has a lot to offer, Our guides are ready to share with you everything related to this amazing country. Active volcanoes, Cloud Forests, Colonial Cities, Local Markets, Endemic Plants and exotic wildlife are some of the things that you can experience and learn about in our tours, please find a sample of some of the tours departing from Granada.












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